Business Master / Planit Enterprise and Gatekeeper Code Expiration

Business Master / Planit Enterprise wont boot? Are you seeing the Gatekeeper Code pop up form? Is your Gatekeeper date 1/1/2020 and now you need a new code? We can help you get up and running.

Business Master / Planit Enterprise

History of Business Master / Planit Enterprise

Business Master is the core software application from Master Solutions, developed since 1997. At one point, Planit Solutions licensed Business Master, named it Enterprise, and sold it to their network. These 2 applications sales channels were active until Planit Solutions ended the licensing arrangement with Master Solutions. Subsequently, Planit Solutions became Vero, which was acquired (yet again) to another company, Hexagon.

Immediately after Planit Solutions terminated the licensing arrangement with us, support and development became disconnected from the Planit customer base. We made efforts to connect and support those customers. Eventually Planit discontinued allocation of the support time their customers paid for to Enterpise support, and many customers fell into a black hole. We have made every effort to continue to support them, and keep them up and running.

Versions updates and Source code

Master Solutions continued to develop and adapt the source code based on customer feedback until about 2010. We then began to develop a Source Code version, which allowed users to purchase the source code itself. This solves several ongoing struggles for companies who didn’t maintain yearly support and updates. In addition, this gave Business Master and Planit Enterprise users the ability to totally customize the program, and stay current with the regular updating of Microsoft Office and Windows versions. It was a frustrating experience being forced to purchase a new operating system, and not be able to use previous versions of Office to keep everything the same.

We have made every effort to reach out to Enterprise and Business Master users and communicate the benefits and the opportunities. This change to the platform makes this powerful program sustainable and more effective than ever.

The Initial License and Date Codes

The original design of Business Master worked around using the customer name, address and contact details to determine a code unique to that operation. This was “GateKeeper Code” was combined with a “Gatekeper Date”. The functional aspect was to allow customers to get the product, test it, or even make regular payments. Each Code/Date pair would expire if a new code was not supplied.

The original context was to work with customers through the initial training and installation, then help support them and supply version updates at  least yearly. This service was separated from the Gatekeepr Date/Code pair. Once all payments and installations was completed, a final Gatekeeper Date and Code was issued. the date 1/1/2020 was picked as the farthest conceivable date in the future that would work. All customers were then given this “permanent” code, with the assumption that we were going to remain in contact and version support with our customers.

Looking at the calendar…. 2020 is almost upon us. And many of our customers are out if the wild, with no current contact with us. And we expect that many of them will hit this magic code, coming back in from the holiday season and find the Business Master and Planit Enterprise suddenly wont work.

Contact Us now to pre-empt this problem!

We still support, develop and use the Business Master code base. Everything from simply updating it to the most current version of Microsoft Office, to integrating with the Web and Mobile devices, to developing totally new connectors and modules.

We have even begun developing a SQL based version that will allow a complete update to a cloud based, high performance database server, using the traditional Access front end, but also web based and mobile based front ends to solve you business operations problems.

In addition, we might be able to help determine if we can make a new gatekeeper code for a new date. It is possible in some use cases to calculate this security code without any changes. In some cases, the different combinations of Windows, Office, and update history may require you to update to the Source Code solution. By doing this, you will end up with the actual code itself, which allows us to support your unique combinations of desktop and office combinations.

When we update to the Source Code version, we will typically need 4-5 hours of support time and will need to train your staff on some of the differences and migrate the data. This can be a great time to improve the productivity, and your unique company operations support.

Make sure you contact us BEFORE January 1 2020 if you can. We want to help you avoid any downtime and stress. If you got stuck, contact us right now.