BusinessMaster: Overview

BusinessMaster, the Small Business Software Toolkit by Master Solutions

BusinessMaster handles the following categories of activity. Each section contains far more detail than can be described in this simple list.

BusinessMaster is broken down into a set of modules. Each module represents classic activities, however ALL of them are interconnected. Following is a short list of features as a top level overview. Click on each section as see more, along with some demo videos to help you see the potential.

  • CORE Module:
    • Address Book and basic Contact Management
    • Items and Inventory; Bills of Material, Labor and Work
    • Purchasing, Receiving, and Vouchering to Accounts Payable. Purchasing can be pegged to specific projects
    • Sales Orders, Packing/Shipping, and Invoicing to Accounts Receivable
    • Tracking of Invoice Payments
  • PROJECTS Module
    • Project based manufacturing and Project Management
    • Unlimited Phases against a Job, with each Phase having it's own schedule, and connected details
    • Project based Billing, with special advanced elements to handle Deposits and Revenue booking
  • MRP/Planning
    • Materials Planning using MRP concepts
    • Can change demand to work against BOM based Work Orders, Projects or Both
    • MRP can run against Labor separate from Materials
    • Multiple Inventory warehouses
    • Automatic planning based on projected Inventory and rules
  • Work Orders
    • BOM based work orders moving in and out of WIP.
    • Can be auto planned from MRP, as well as created from Sales Orders
  • Time Collection
    • Simple, integrated Time Collection against projects, and calculated for Payroll as well as Job Costing.
  • Job Costing
    • Roll up of materials and labor to analyze against price for profit analysis
    • Real time % to budget.
    • Breakdown by Phase, Customer, Project Type
  • Accounting Export to Quickbooks
    • Export AP, AR, Payments and Labor to Quickbooks.
    • Receive data from Quickbooks for quick startup.

Each BusinessMaster component can be customized both in HOW you use it, and the source code itself.

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