Custom Software Development

Customization can focus on BusinessMaster (the small business software toolkit), the training/install process, development of a new module, or complete program.

For years we avoided custom software development, opting instead to only take ideas that could add to the whole program without disrupting other users. It worked, for quite a long time. Avoiding the intensity and long term support of custom software development helps our clients save money and resources. If we can find a way to adapt how you use the program, or change a process to better fit the toolkit , all the better.

There is a role for custom software development, but we still avoid it if possible

There really is a place for customization, especially in the small business. There are simply too many processes that need to be accommodated considering small businesses excel based on their ability to adapt. Agility and pragmatic approach is the hallmark of profitable small enterprises.  The software should be no exception.

The business process should drive the solution, not the other way around.

We have developed a simple way to support custom software development. We help by maintaining the clients own source code on their site, and supporting them in making changes and adaptations. Sometimes the customer can make the changes themselves, sometimes they call us. The main objective is to support what the CLIENT needs, not the software.

Contact Us about how we can help bring custom software and support to your operations. If we can avoid it, we will tell you. If you truly need custom changes, we are happy to help you make the change, and document it for the future.

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