Process Evaluation – KEY to success

It’s very important to take a breath and make an honest evaluation before you go forward. What works? How Well? What doesn’t?


An honest and complete evaluation BEFORE you go further can save you a lot of time, money, and headache.

So many clients come to us looking to make sweeping changes. They have steeled themselves to “go for it”. Resources are committed for change. People are prepared. Everyone wants to get through it ASAP. Many operations have already invested heavily in talent, tools, and processes. Most of these resource investments start with lots of attention, lots of focus, and then slowly degrade over time. It can appear that some of these need to be replaced, updated etc…

Sometimes it’s true.

Sometimes  it’s important to remember product sales people are only incentivized on the sale of an upgrade or a new product


A quick evaluation can result in optimization of current investments, avoiding the disruption and some of the expense of sweeping changes. Stop and evaluate what you HAVE, before you change. We have dozens and dozens of examples where clients (potential and eventual) had either part, or all of a solutions in place:

  • They didn’t know the capabilities of what they already had.
  • The key people involved in the solution were either gone, or not involved in the current discussion.
  • The users simply needed support and direction.

We start with an evaluation of your current solutions and framework, before we suggest a product or service. It’s a key piece of the puzzle, and often overlooked. We want to review at least the following basics:

  1. What kind of network technology do you use currently, who maintains it, and how stable is your users experience with it?
  2. Based on your stated goals (i.e. “We need to manage inventory” or “We need to know which jobs are losing money”), what resources are already in place attempting to do it? Who designed it? Is there a key player or is it a bunch of parallel paths independent of each other?
  3. What other solutions have you tried, and why do YOU think they failed? What was the previous vendors take?
  4. How sophisticated is the user base?

There are plenty more intangibles, things we pickup in the evaluation that are harder to describe. We need to find the current “state of affairs”, not just the vision.

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