Small Business Management isn’t the goal

Don't settle for Small Business Management

There is a significant difference between managing your business and mastering it.

Small businesses find themselves constantly adapting. There are lots of factors in flux, some internal, some external.

Large corporate operations have more buffers, more structure, more management. There are resources that become highly specialized, roles that are allowed to focused on specific elements of the solution. The larger the operations, the easier they can handle changes and absorb ups and downs. They work from a defensive posture, protecting what already exists. As long as things don't get too far out, the battle is to bring things back into order, maintain the balance. They grow in a controlled, steady rate and try to keep that way.

Small businesses work in almost the opposite context. There isn't the extra resources to buffer change.  The resources are more generalized, often multiple personnel share responsibilities. Small businesses need to exploit the opportunities inherent in changes and business dynamics. They grow in jumps.

In small business management scenario, you are reactive. You can only wait for actions, and then try to bring them into a predetermined structure.

In a mastering scenario, you are both proactive, and adaptive.This puts you int he drivers seat looking ahead, rather than the rear view mirror. 

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