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BusinessMaster - Small Business Software Toolkit

Small Business Software Toolkit = Software + Experience

Building Small Business Software from scratch is hard, expensive, and painful. We bring our own toolkit to work.

Master Solutions has been developing, installing, and supporting  it’s own small business software  solution since 1997. It’s far more than just some code, and a training manual (in fact, read why we DON’T have a pre-written manual here).

A real SOLUTION is the Software + Experience

Software: BusinessMaster is solid small business software foundation.

Our product, BusinessMaster, has been installed in companies since we began in 1997. Many of our first customers are still with us. Two of our very first customers were just sold to large multi-national corporations for a combined value of nearly 60 millions dollars. The large ERP systems these giant organizations run don’t accommodate the subtle elements that run the operations, so parts of the original software are still being used!

Built on the Microsoft Access database platform (part of Microsoft Office), BusinessMaster has been the foundation for many projects and solutions. BusinessMaster was also licensed for a number of years by Planit Solutions (now Vero Software), providing small business software design tools for the woodworking market. The product was sold under the name Planit Enterprise, and still has basic level integration with their Cabinet Vision and Cabnetware products. We still support many of those users directly today.

BusinessMaster is the execution part of a whole approach to BPM (Business Process Management). The software piece is HOW you manage your processes. It is highly customizable, and can adapt significantly to your current business.

Basic specs (for a breakdown of the modules and more detail, go here)

  • BusinessMaster is designed for small (<$25 million annual revenue typically) manufacturing and service businesses.
  • BusinessMaster is multi-user, and runs on any Windows computer that is capable of running Microsoft Office.
  • BusinessMaster supports classic product manufacturing (Bill of Materials based) as well as Project based manufacturing and hybrids.

Experience: Far more than just x number of years, or x number of  installs

Experience brings a whole set of perspective to the solution. Just knowing how the software works isn’t enough.

  • We have run our own businesses, not just Master Solutions. We have started a few, grown some, shut down some, and even sold a recent one.
  • We have supported customers in their own transitions selling their companies.
  • We have installed and consulted hundreds of others, with an incredible diversity of products and services.
  • We have worked with highly structured management driven startups, and very unstructured multi-generational family businesses.

The point is, the solution isn’t just software. Its understanding what is going on. what should be going on, and what other companies have done in these situations.

This foundation provides many of the tools already built and tested in real world situation, some of which have been running for over 15 years! This toolkit is adaptable, and customizable, avoiding the immense costs of starting from scratch. And because it runs in a common architecture (Microsoft Access), its easy to deploy. We have options to scale up to Microsoft SQL, as well as integrate with Microsoft Office programs like Excel and Outlook to supercharge your efficiency.

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