Web and Mobile Software Toolkit

Web and Mobile Software Toolkit for BusinessMaster / Enterprise

Have employees out in the field and want to collect information to be used for the rest of the team? Master Solutions now offers you the ability to exchange data real time between the office and the field. And we can create custom web and mobile software based on this platform as well.

Master Solutions Web Services

We currently are in the final phases of implementing a web based, mobile compatible solution for integrating key data with BusinessMaster and Enterprise. Many people have requested these features over the years and we have finally developed a framework that allows us to handle these initial concepts, and allows for customizing and adding new features per customers requirements. 

  • Time Collection from any mobile, web connected device
    • Collect time against current projects
    • Collect GPS based location of the user
    • All the same features of the BusinessMaster Time collection: Time Punch, Lunch out, Clock Out against projects, departments and functions.
  • Upload pictures and documents from the field about Projects
  • Add Log notes to Jobs to track information
  • Add new projects
    • Add new project and collect time immediately.
    • Assign unlimited information details to project (materials, address information, notes, pricing and more

All of this data can be synchronized back to the BusinessMaster / Enterprise program and integrated on a constant basis.

Custom Web Based Software for Small Business

We can now take this basic framework, and expand it to accommodate your unique ideas. By using the framework we already have, we cut out significant costs and time to make a web based solution for your needs. Not starting from scratch creates tremendous advantages.

We use this same framework in very different industry and applications. The actual database structure is designed based on years of experience creating real world solutions, and therefore has a lot of inherent flexibility and strength. We can adapt things without totally re-creating things.

There are lots of classic traps that occur when building solutions. 

  • One Way Streets: Designing custom software applications for immediate concepts, and not understanding how the application will grow and change is a classic problem. It is easy to solve a problem, and find an even bigger one appear down the road. We know where these traps are, and we help you avoid them.
  • No Scalability: Not designing data structures and infrastructure robustly enough can kill you. We use the right database systems and web hosting that will scale far beyond startup. We have designed our Web Based Software Toolkit to scale on demand. We simply won't run out of performance, bandwidth or technology.
  • Keeping Options Open: The beauty of a flexible, well designed framework is that it keeps your options for incorporating new ideas available. As we incorporate feedback from users, we are able to try them out without total redesigns. We don't know what we don't know. Our users get their ideas out into the real world, and then come up with concepts that are even better than the original concept. Our web software toolkit is flexible and adaptive, our experience makes it possible.

Want to know more?

We are very interested in talking with you about your needs. We want to make sure we are a good fit, and understand what you are trying to accomplish, and the best way we know how is some quick discussion. Please contact us via the link to get the process started.

Let's schedule a demo of our awesome Small Business Software Toolkit while we are at it!